BIOSINT management structure is established in order to address partnership, contractual and technical issues and to support the achievement of the general and specific objectives. Management structure is established in order to ensure financial and contractual management consortium. The role of each subject in the organizational structure is to provide efficient and successful realization of planned activities in cooperation with other project partners. Proposed organizational structure is created on the way that has to ensure effectiveness, decisiveness, flexibility and quality of work.

Organizational structure contains Project coordinator, Project Consortium Board, Executive Board (EB), Work Package leaders, National coordinators and Quality Assurance Board. Project consortium board (PCB) is the high-level decision-making body consisted of all project partners. Executive Board (EB) is responsible for the overall strategic management and reporting directly to PCB. Project coordinator UniKg is responsible for ensuring that the overall project objectives are met and that all costs and milestones are in line with the budgets and the provided timeline.